The Social Security Administration oversees the country’s social insurance program including disability, retirement, and survivor’s benefits.  Over 47 million Americans were the recipients of $492 billion in Social Security grants.  These programs are enabled by the mandatory contributions subtracted from the finances of employers, employees, and self-insured people.

How Social Security Works

Social Security is based on the notion that while working, you contribute taxes into the Social Security system and by the time you retire or suddenly become disabled you or your and your dependents receive monthly benefit that are based on your reported earnings.  In addition to this, your survivors can accumulate benefits in the event of your death.  Nevertheless, only selected people are eligible for social security.  This is based on various factors including certain work requirements.

The money you contribute to the Social Security system is deposited into a considerable fund for everyone and from this massive trust Social Security pays out all of its benefits.

Appealing a Social Security Disability Claim

The process of petitioning a Social Security disability claim is wearisome.  The social security lawyers here at Worth & Associates, PA are proud to represent the disabled individuals who have suffered through a serious injury or mental or physical illness and have been concurrently deprived of their rights to Social Security disability benefits.  Most of these victims cannot generate an income any longer because of their present condition.  Contact a Florida Social Security Lawyer if you or someone you love has been denied of disability benefits.

In terms of filing and obtaining approval for disability insurance, the systems that the Social Security Administration utilizes can be burdensome to those seeking benefits.  Here at Worth & Associates, PA, the Social Security attorneys and representatives are skilled in the representation of cases that concerns the denial of Social Security disability insurance benefits and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) claims.  The knowledge and willpower we have in attaining a positive result for people deserving to receive disability insurance benefits evidences our commitment to the people.

Social Security Disability Insurance

The Social Security disability Insurance (SSDI) is the primary kind of Social Security Disability benefit.  It pays benefits to people who have become disabled and are incapable of working for a year or more.  The Social Security helps people by continuing to pay disability benefits until they are able to work on a regular basis again.

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