Maritime and Admiralty Law states that a vessel owner should provide a reasonably fit vessel for its intended use. It must be stocked with proper equipment, composed of competent crew and must be a safe place to work and live. However, there are really times when accidents happen. If you or a loved one is considering filing a claim for a maritime injury, please fill out our free case evaluation form to speak with a Florida Maritime Admiralty Lawyer now.

Worth, PA has maritime attorneys that represent Maritime and Admiralty personal injury claims that took place on or near the sea affecting seamen, crewmen, longshoremen and boaters. We follow procedures according to Jones Act claims, recreational boater claims, and serious cruise line passenger and crew claims, including sexual assaults. We represent individuals suffering from maritime personal injuries on all types of sea transports, including:

  • cargo and merchant vessels
  • tankers
  • boats
  • tugs
  • barges
  • ferries
  • cruise ships
  • wave runners
  • jet skies
  • watercrafts

Included in the coverage are the claims of people injured near the water on docks, cranes, and loaders and those involved in all maritime-related activities.

A maritime related position is not an easy job because its nature involves great risk and danger. Sometimes you will be required to work under extremely hazardous circumstances. You might be scared to take the risk but you actually have the rights and remedies under Jones Act when harm takes place. You are entitled to ask for compensation directly from your employer or vessel owner especially when the accident is due to your employer’s negligence because an employer is the one responsible to provide a secure working place no matter how dangerous the nature of the job. A Florida Maritime Admiralty Lawyer can help determine if you are entitled to a monetary recovery.

In Florida, a seaman who is injured has a right to “maintenance and cure”, regardless of fault. The employer is accountable in paying the daily expenses and medical care of an injured employee harmed by work. A seaman may also recover from injuries that resulted from a third party. The damages obtained should not prevent you from lifting a legitimate claim, similar to negligence claims, under Jones Act.

Another act that benefits injured maritime workers, especially those who are not covered by the Jones Act or state workers’ compensations laws is the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA). LHWCA prioritize those maritime workers engaged in long-shore operations, harbor work, maritime construction and loading/unloading, building and repairing of vessels. Injured maritime workers filing under benefits of LHWCA can receive medical care, disability benefits and vocational rehabilitation.

If you were injured at maritime related work and feels you qualify for compensation and LWHCA benefits, contact us today to speak with a Florida Maritime Admiralty Lawyer. The consultation is Free.