Bringing a class action lawsuit against major corporations and drug manufacturers requires a law firm with expert and experienced lawyers in this field. An experienced Florida Class Action Lawyer can help you understand your rights.

A class action lawsuit is a group of people or companies with common interests who file their claims collectively as one. Common claims filed by this group include, but is not limited to:

  • Insurance fraud
  • Drug pricing fraud
  • Recalled drugs
  • Employment discrimination
  • Defective products
  • Exposure to hazardous material
  • Environmental spills
  • Pharmaceutical overpricing
  • Unfair business practices

A Florida Class Action Lawyer at Worth, PA is qualified to handle a wide variety of Florida class action lawsuits. To handle this type of case Worth PA has class action lawyers who take care of various class action suits involving many potential plaintiffs as well as mass torts. In a case to case basis, we bring class actions in either state or federal court. If you’re interested please feel free to fill out our free case evaluation form.

In a class action lawsuit, a named plaintiff stands in for a group of similarly situated plaintiffs affected by the actions of a defendant or group of defendants. For example, when a large number of consumers are exposed to a potentially dangerous or defective product (product liability), a class action lawsuit may be brought on their behalf to seek redress together.

Class action lawsuits also require tremendous financial resources. You need a law firm with the ability to handle a class action lawsuit. Worth PA law firm is well equipped with competitive lawyers, sufficient resources and solid background. All these serve as an essential tool to efficiently deal with class action lawsuits all throughout the case. We have a well organized and well trained attorneys, support staff and experts that are capable in handling all the necessary steps to deal with a class action lawsuit.  All the class action attorneys at Worth PA are certified, qualified and always on the go to take on these challenging cases.

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